Regarding Steven

Welcome to Hundred Goals! I’m Steven. Not too long ago I was a teenager who’d fallen in with the wrong crowd. I was into drugs, drinking and had little concern with where my life would someday end up. Needless to say, I didn’t have any plans for my future.

Two days after my eighteenth birthday, I was arrested and spent the night in jail thinking about where things had gone wrong.  During those hours of introspection I finally began to understand that I was fucking up my life.  But it wasn’t only the drugs and alcohol that were the problem.  For the first time ever I realized there was no way of turning back time. All those years I’d wasted being wasted were gone, and there was no getting them back. Until that night in jail, I had no direction in my life.  I didn’t have goals, I wasn’t interested in anything other than drugs and alcohol.

Worst of all, I had no passions…

A few years later I went on a road trip to the Rocky Mountains with some friends. I didn’t realize it at the time, but going on that trip helped me discover my passion for travel.  The feeling of freedom sparked a fire in my soul, and since that first trip I’ve traveled around the United States and the globe. Whenever I have an opportunity, I continue to pursue my passion for travel and because of this, travel is a major theme of Hundred Goals (but this isn’t a travel blog.)

Today I realize that my life’s possibilities are limited only by my own ambitions and I’m ruthless in my pursuit of all the goals I’ve set for myself, whether they are life-altering experiences or adrenaline-fueled adventures.

Why 100 Goals?

Creating a list of 100 Goals isn’t easy.  Reaching the one hundred mark requires us to dig deep into our heart and soul. It helps us discover who we really are and what we value.  Some goals will be easy to accomplish and others may take a lifetime to achieve (but it isn’t a Bucket List.)  Some might seem impossible.  I don’t believe in impossible and neither should you.

The process of writing your list also helps answer one of life’s most challenging questions: “Who am I?”

“Without goals, you are living reactively, letting life push you around. With goals, you can live a proactive life, steering toward a destination.  You know where your path is supposed to lead.” ~ J.D. Roth

What is This Website All About?

The first goal I accomplished on my list was to create a website.  I originally intended for Hundred Goals to simply be a blog about accomplishing my goals.  I wanted to write about motivation and self-improvement as a way to encourage other people to follow in my footsteps.  As I continued to pursue my goals I quickly realized the importance of money in turning a dream into reality.

Many of the articles on Hundred Goals are about finding balance between enjoying life today and planning for the future.  One week you might read an article about creating a budget and the next week’s article will be about taking risks in order to pursue a dream.  I also continue with my original intent of the blog, sharing my personal stories.  Through my writing I hope to inspire you to challenge the status quo, and help you find the motivation to accomplish your dreams.

DISCLAIMER: Please note that Hundred Goals is my personal blog where I discuss topics which are important to me.  I may discuss politics, religion, sex, culture, environmental issues or anything else that might be on my mind.  Some articles may contain tasteful nudity.  I believe in freedom of speech and therefore will not censor my thoughts.  We may not always agree so I encourage open dialogue in the Comments section of each article.

All information shared on Hundred Goals is provided for informational and entertainment purposes only and does not constitute financial advice. The website is intended to provide general information only and does not attempt to give you advice that relates to your specific circumstances. You are advised to discuss your specific requirements with an independent financial adviser.

Want to help me accomplish my goals? Contributions can be made via PayPal, and/or you can purchase gear for my adventures at Amazon and REI.

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