Dream a Little Dream

What power the written word can possess.  While reading a post on Get Rich Slowly, I was inspired to create my own list of 100 goals.  Currently I am at number 53, “Adopt a Highway.”  By starting this website, I have successfully completed number 42.

Goals are as unique as the individual dreaming them.  My own list of goals is quite varied.  I will use this website to share my experiences of working towards my goals and especially of accomplishing them.

Here is my list of 100:

1) Zero credit card debt
2) $5,000 emergency fund by December 31, 2009
3) Bungee jump
4) Sky dive
5) Volunteer time with an environmental group
6) Sponsor a child (such as Christian Children’s Network)
7) Become fluent in Spanish
8) Travel to Iceland
9) Learn how to surf
10) Climb a mountain
11) Adopt a child
12) Buy 10 acres of land
13) Photograph a wild tiger
14) Give away $100 to a complete stranger
15) Sleep on a park bench in a big city
16) Hitchhike
17) Drive a car until it breaks down
18) Sleep under the stars
19) Bike the west coast
20) Cut down a tree with an axe
21) Build a skate park
22) Land an airplane
23) Skinny dip
24) Publish a book
25) Eat native food in a foreign country
26) Meet a world leader
27) Get a sphynx cat
28) Eat less junk food
29) Get “Spa Treatment”
30) Go on a rollercoaster that goes upside down
31) Go deepsea fishing
32) Run in a marathon
33) See a Broadway show in Manhatten
34) Hit a homerun
35) Play 18 holes of golf, under par
36) Build a house to my blueprints
37) Shoot a machine gun
38) Save someone’s life
39) See penguins in their natural habitat
40) Drive a truck through a mudhole
41) Ride in a hot air balloon
42) Start a website
43) Take Trigonometry & Calculus classes
44) Go backpacking
45) Base jump Devil’s Tower
46) Kayak at the Apostle Islands
47) Buy a bike
48) Take guitar lessons
49) Eat sushi
50) Take yoga classes
51) Witness the monarch migration
52) Teach a child how to do something
53) Adopt a highway
54) Visit Eldon, Iowa
55) Take a photography class
56) Go whitewater rafting in the Grand Canyon
57) Visit the Galapagos Islands
58) Stop drinking soda
59) Exercise
60) Tour Europe
61) Swim with sharks
62) Finish Associate Degree
63) Attend college in another state
64) Study for a semester in a foreign country
65) Finish Bachelor Degree
66) Study a religion in great detail
67) Own an Armani suit
68) Tour the White House
69) Drive a race car

Obviously some of these goals are very easy to accomplish and others are far-fetched.  That’s the beauty of goals and dreams; they don’t have to be so difficult as to be impossible yet they can be a challenge to acheive.

As time passes, so will ambitions, goals and dreams.  As such, I will continue to update the list as goals are accomplished or new goals are uncovered.  Setting goals and dreaming is a lesson in soul-searching and self-discovery.  I challenge everyone who reads this blog to define 100 goals for themselves.  Dream on!

If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured or far away.”
     Henry David Thoreau

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