Let me take you on a journey.  I promise, it won’t be far and I’ll have you home before dinner.  I’d like to take you to the other side of town.  You know, that part of town where the nice houses are.  The ones with shiny sports car sitting in the driveway. 

“If only I could be that successful” you say to yourself, losing yourself in thoughts of life in a big house, fast cars and more stuff than you could ever imagine.

Now let me challenge you.

We are taught that in order to be successful we must have “things”.  Shiny things, round things, big things, small things.  We are sold on the idea that stuff brings happiness.  The more stuff we have, the happier we are. 

I disagree.  A person is not successful because they own a brand-new sports car or live in a McMansion.

Success can only be measured by how satisfied a person is in their own life.  This is where defining goals comes in.  When there is a clear understanding of what a person values, iPhones, DVDs, designer clothes, Starbucks Grande Mocha-Latte all lose their importance and become an impediment to the goal.

Once I realized that the 350 DVDs that I had sitting around weren’t getting me any closer to what I hope to accomplish in life, I sold all but my absolute favorites.  No doubt that in time even more titles will lose their home in my collection.  I have another stack ready to go to the video store to be sold right now.

I used to collect action figures.  Not that I don’t still enjoy them, but because they are not contributing to my future goals, I’ve managed to sell off most of them, again, keeping only the ones that I get to enjoy daily in my display cabinet.  No longer do I have totes full of toys sitting in a storage unit.

I am constantly analyzing my possessions, finding even the smallest of things that do not provide value in my life anymore.  I sell what is of value on eBay, and donate the rest to Goodwill.  I do my best to keep what I can out of the garbage.  Save the Earth.

Think about what your goals are for your life.  Are your possessions in line with these goals?  If not, I know Goodwill will appreciate your donations.

“Simplicity is making the journey of this life with just baggage enough.”
     -Charles Dudley Warner

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