Step Aside, You’re Blocking Your Success

Walking Through the WhiteAll of us have habits, some good and others, well, not so good.  Most of the time we coast through our lives not even considering how our habits impact our lives.  We know that smoking will kill us, or that gambling will break our wallets.  Every year we resolve to change our bad habits; we will eat healthier, exercise regularly, promise to stop swearing. 

What we may not consider is that our habits have the power to destroy relationships, undermine our chances of success and prevent us from leading the full and satisfying life we’ve always dreamt of.

 I’d like you to read that again, and really consider what I just wrote.  Our habits have the power to destroy relationships, undermine our chances of success and prevent us from leading the full and satisfying life we’ve always dreamt of.  You may be asking yourself how this is possible.


The average American will spend 9 years of their lives sitting in front of the television.  That isn’t only a waste of time, it is a waste of life.  I hope that when my time comes that I won’t need to say to myself, “I wish I would have spent more time focusing on what was truely important in life than to have wasted 9 years in front of the damn TV.”

We want better jobs, more money, healthier relationships, and more free time.  Wouldn’t it be great if we could manage to find the time to advance towards these goals?  Hmmm…


Attitude plays an important role in personal success as well.  People see me as being a bit cynical, and I am, however,  I don’t let my cynacism overshadow my positive attitude.  Sometimes I get frustrated but I try my best to work past those frustrations.  I try not to wallow in negativity for too long.  Some people on the other hand seem to spend the better portion of their lives complaining.  They can complain about anything, and they do.  Instead of complaining, try to correct whatever the problem is.  Inaction does not lead to solutions.  Do something to change your situation.


People are mirrors.  You get out of them what you put in.  If you treat someone poorly, chances are they are going to return the favor.  However, if you treat someone with respect there is a good probability that they will respect you also.  If you spend all of your time ignoring your obligations to your wife and family, don’t be surprised when you come home and find yourself alone.  Spend quality time with your family.  Talk to them and show them that they are important to you.  It is too easy to become complacent in a relationship.  After a while things get comfortable and we don’t put as much effort into making our partners happy as we used to.  Reconnect.

The same is true with friendships.  You can’t always expect your friends to put all of the effort into your relationships.  Instead of expecting them to call you, why not pick up the phone and call them?  Plan a night out or host a get-together at your home.  Invite a couple of friends over for dinner or a barbeque.  If you want to have friends, you need to first be a friend.

Of course, these are only some of the ways that we are preventing ourselves from leading the lives we desire.  Be aware that habits are not only the things that you do, but also the things that you don’t do.  It is oftentimes the small things that you fail to do that lead to the biggest problems.  Be conscience of what those things could be in your own life and do all that you can to change them.

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