Becoming Better

We all want to be better.  As individuals, how we define “better” depends a lot upon what we value in our lives.  Some of us want to better ourselves by earning more money, losing 20 pounds, furthering our educations, or being more involved with our families.  The problem with becoming better is that many times a person doesn’t realize they need to make changes until they have reached a breaking point in their lives.

"Mountain Path" by Ernie Fischhofer @ FlickrThis is the fundamental problem with self improvement; we typically find ourselves at the very bottom of whatever mountain it is that we know we need to climb, and the challenge which lies before us is monumental.  Many people don’t even attempt to work their way towards a better self  because they may feel that the effort is not worth the reward or maybe they feel as though they aren’t equiped with the proper tools.  There are still others who will see the mountain and try sprinting towards the top, only to burn themselves out before they have made much progress eventually finding themselves back at the bottom of the mountain once again.

The key towards becoming a better you is to know what challenges await you in your journey and be prepared to overcome them.  There may be times when the effort does not seem worth the reward and that is when you must remind yourself why you have set out on your journey in the first place.  Maybe you want to lose 20 pounds so that you will look great at the beach in a bikini or you want to continue your education in order to find a job that you are happy with.

When you are making these changes in your life you will encounter people who will try to break your spirit.  They will tell you that you can’t/won’t/shouldn’t do it.  To these people I say “Why not?”  Why can’t I do something?  Anyone is capable of accomplishing anything if they set their heart and mind on doing it.  It takes a lot of determination. You will be faced with countless challenges along the way but if you keep your goals in mind you will be able to push past these obstacles and achieve greatness in your life.

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