Defining “Rich”

"Poor & Rich" by Luo Shaoyang @ FlickrThe word “rich” is defined in the following way: “having wealth or great possessions; abundantly supplied with resources, means, or funds; wealthy”.  In other words, money makes us rich.  The more money we are able to amass or the greater the possessions we own make us rich.  If we have the funds we are rich.

I think that being rich has nothing to do with money.  A more accurate word for the above definition might be “wealthy”.  Having money or possessions does not make us rich.  Being rich is not about how many zeroes you have on your bank statements.  Being rich is about living a full and complete life, one which is happy and filled with joy and is free from want.  That is what makes a person rich.

Money doesn’t make you rich, family makes you rich.  Money doesn’t love you, but your family does.  Love them with all of your heart and soul. 

Money doesn’t make you rich, experiences make you rich.  The stories you tell about the things that you’ve done with your life make you interesting.  No one cares about your money; no one that matters that is. 

Money doesn’t make you rich, relationships make you rich.  Your friends are always there when you need a helping hand and are there during the good times as well as the bad. 

Money doesn’t make you rich, community makes you rich.  Giving your time to your community can bring meaning to your life.  You have been blessed with a gift and being able to share that gift with people in need is a great way for you to live a rich life without needing to spend a single penny.

Money doesn’t make you rich, laughter makes you rich.  Laughter is the sound of happiness.  Even the “poorest” of folks still find moments of joy where they are able to laugh.  How many times when you are laughing are you thinking about money? 

There are countless things in our life that make us rich that have nothing at all to do with money or objects.  We all need to make a living, but we shouldn’t become a slave to the idea that the more money we have the richer we will be.  Our time on Earth is finite and we need to be looking for other things in our time here which bring richness to our lives.  Each second that ticks by is one less second we could be spending with our wives.  Each second that ticks by is one less second we could be out exploring our world.  Each second that ticks by is one less second we are able to spend with our friends.  Each second that ticks by is one second closer to death.  Do you really need the money or have you just convinced yourself that you do?

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