Do You See What I See?

do-you-see-what-i-seeI have a tendency to have a narrow focus and sometimes I need a reminder that I am not always right.  One way that I accomplish this is by hanging this sketch on the door of my refrigerator.  How does this remind me that I am not always right?  Even though the drawing is in black and white, different people see different things.  Some see an attractive young lady while others see a haggard old woman.  The picture is the same for all who see it, though the information taken away is not so black and white.  This is how I remind myself that I am not always correct, and that there may be another way of looking at the question or situation.

It is important that we keep an open mind about the world we are living in and the people we interact with.  Things may not always be as they seem.  By keeping an open mind we are allowing a new perspective to be introduced into our lives, expanding our understanding.  Not only will this make us able to better understand but it can also open our hearts to our fellow man.

We hold certain stereotypes about people which may be entirely false.  Older adults may view the younger generation as being dangerous.  Kids with black clothes and green hair are viewed as outcasts; troubled children.  These stereotypes are simply wrong, and dangerous in themselves.  These stereotypes lead to fear and fear leads to a divide within our community.  Before we judge a person based on a preconceived belief we ought to consider the picture above, and realize that we may be wrong in our opinion.

This doesn’t only apply to how we consider the people we encounter in life, but any and all of our beliefs.  We should try to understand all perspectives of things that affect our lives.  Some people feel that questioning their beliefs means they are weak.  Not only is this not true, it is absolutely wrong.  By listening, researching and understanding the other side of the argument you are strengthening your own understanding about why you believe something.  That isn’t a weakness, it is strength.

We should question our politics, our religion, our habits, the decisions we are making.  Everything is fair game.  The more you question, the more you understand.  Is what we are doing “right” or is there another way that is better?  Is it an old lady or a young woman?  If you see one, try to see the other…she is there, you just have to change the way you interpret the information.

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