Five Secrets of Successful People

"Abandoned Doorway" by donnacorless @ FlickrThere are times in life when we feel like no matter what we do, nothing works.   We feel like a failure and to make matters worse, life has an uncanny way of kicking us when we are down.  There are moments when we think it may be better to give up.  We begin to realize that the effort is no longer worth the reward.  We question ourselves; our ability, our intelligence.  All around us we are surrounded by people who never seem to struggle, never fail, always succeed.  What do these people have that you don’t?  What separates those who succeed and those who fail?

How can you become a success?

There is something to be said about the power of an individual.  Some people have natural talents while others have to work hard in order to perfect their skills, though many successful people have these 5 qualities in common.  If we can learn to incorporate these 5 qualities of successful people into our own lives we will begin to see a shift in our own lives.

Vision. Successful people have a great sense of foresight.  They set out with a goal in mind and use this goal as a guidepost to help navigate their lives.  They align their actions with their values and priorities, never losing sight of their ultimate goals.

Focused Intensity. Having a goal is a great starting point but it isn’t enough on its own.  In order to gain forward momentum you need passion.  If you are not passionate about your goal you will not have the motivation required to push forward.  It isn’t enough to say you want to a millionaire if you don’t know why.  If you are passionate about your goal, you will have the focused intensity you need for a successful journey.

Commitment. Vision & Intensity are vital factors in success but are of little use if you don’t have commitment.  There are times when you will be faced with challenges.  These challenges can be incredibly frustrating & discouraging.  At times it will seem as if the only option is to give up on your goals.   Having commitment to your goal will allow you to press forward through your challenges.

Attitude. Having a positive attitude is beneficial in accomplishing your goals.  Having a negative attitude will only hinder your potential.  Having a positive attitude will also help you to get through the challenges that you face.  Along with a positive attitude, confidence is also important.  If you are confident in your ability to accomplish your goals others will be more inclined to be confident in your ability as well.  Having other people who believe in you will help build a support system and sometimes these people can also open the door to your success.

Flexibility. As I’ve already discussed, there are times when you will be faced with challenges or opportunities which may require you to temporarily turn your back on your goal.  Having the ability to adapt and be flexible is an important strength which successful people possess.  Sometimes we are so focused on our goals that we turn a blind eye to other opportunities.  Be conscience of these opportunities, even if it means delaying the pursuit of your goals as they may lead to something better.

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