A Limited Time Offer

"Wish" by Bri Doll @ Flickr

By their very nature, goals are almost always one step ahead of where we are today and while our eyes are perpetually focused on what will be, we lose sight of what is.  We plan for the future and think about tomorrow yet we are guaranteed neither.  Our life is a limited time offer.

Too often our focus rests upon what we do not have or those things that are not ideal in our lives.  We set goals as a way to better our lives, not realizing that our focus on improvement is the reason we are dissatisfied with our lives today.  We trick ourselves into believing that happiness can be found in a pay raise or that a boob job will make us beautiful.  This isn’t the truth.  Happiness cannot be found “out there”, it comes from within.

We are under the wrong impression.  We think that we can be happy “if only things were different”.  Things can be different and maybe even bring about positive changes in life but external forces, no matter how significant, are not the creators of happiness.  We need to realize that our life, as imperfect as it may be, is a gift.  We need to stop focusing on what we don’t have and be grateful for what we do.  If we are able to accomplish only these few things, happiness is sure to follow.

Stop focusing on tomorrow.  Quit worrying about the way you want things to turn out in life.  Forget about your goals.  Instead, live in the moment.  Focus on now.  Let the stress of the future melt away from your life today.  This is your one chance to live, this moment in which you are currently occupying.  You are not living one second ago nor one second from now.  You cannot predict the future and what will be so stop worrying about it.

It is important to have goals in life but goals are not everything.  Goals will help you in accomplishing your dreams but once you have accomplished one there will be another, then another.  Know when to forget about your goals and learn how to focus on the moment without concerning yourself with anything else.

Make plans for the future but don’t spend so much time focused on tomorrow that you forget about today.  Who knows…you could get hit by a bus the next time you cross the street.  Don’t forget to look both ways.

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