To Hell With the Path of Least Resistance

Turning dreams into reality is a formidable task.

Seeing your dreams through to fruition requires dedication, hard work and sacrifice.  In the pursuit of your goals you will find yourself faced with self-doubt, frustration & fear.  So many people who were once filled with ambition never reach their goals and find themselves wondering what could have been, “If only…”  Success doesn’t come easy and you can’t place yourself on the path of least resistance if you expect to have an extraordinary life, the life you’ve always dreamt of.

Being successful at accomplishing your goals means creating your own path and taking risks.  During your journey to success you will have moments where you find yourself full of fear; fear of failure, fear of success, fear of the unknown, fear of other’s opinions.  When you stumble, self-doubt will invade every crevice of your consciousness and you will second guess your ability to create your desired reality.  Failures will bring frustration and you will become your own defeatist.  You will tell yourself that no one will care if you quit.  Maybe no one will care whether you give up on a dream or not but your dream or goal isn’t for someone else, it is for you.  As much as you try to convince yourself that a goal isn’t important, it is important…to you.

By taking the path of least resistance you will continually find yourself firmly planted in a life of mediocrity.  Sure, there will be moments of success and there will be happiness, satisfaction and joy in your life but there will also be a lingering feeling of failure knowing that you gave up on your dream.

Following a dream means making sacrifices which may lead to insecurity in the face of popular culture and trends.  Society expects us to fit in and follow the well-worn path of life; birth, education, work, marriage, children, retirement, death.  Many people never stop to question this step-by-step approach to life and those who waiver from the path have been labeled by the masses as idealistic or naïve.  A typical life may bring fulfillment to the mass of men and many will find success and happiness within these confines.

It may work for some, but does it work for you?

2 thoughts on “To Hell With the Path of Least Resistance

  1. Not sure how you keep managing to do this, but each time see “Hundred Goals” in my inbox, I read
    it and think – “how on earth did this guy know what I need to hear today ?” Some days I think, man this
    guy sounds just like me, I wish I could tell him to relax and not obsess so much about the plan. Does he ever give up ??? (When I am likely thinking the same thing about myself, maybe that’s what I hear people telling me – you gotta take time to stop and do nothing, all that stuff – I hear it all the time) What I don’t understand is, how do they expect to get ahead, where is the drive and passion ? I’m not crazy, I just gotta go for it – there are ups and downs but I just can’t sit still about it – I wake up wanting to put on my cape and go for it again no matter how tough it was the day before – I feel so much resistance.

    Today I woke up at 4a.m. guts churning, second guessing myself, fearing what I want isn’t the norm, what’s wrong with me ?, is it wrong to get up and want to go for it again each day, I have stuff I need to do, tend to my business, my financial goals, imagine having it all – to work 7 days in a row for weeks but then blast out of here for a fun weekend and come back to do it all again. I should be sitting home enjoying breakfast or reading the paper – I just can’t do it. I have the goals, I have bills to pay, I have client commitments, I just gotta do what I am doing. It doesn’t make me unhappy, but others don’t seem to get it.

    More than you can imagine, I needed to hear what you wrote today. It hit me hard – like a ton of bricks.

    Maybe you should call the site “Ton of Bricks” instead of Hundred goals !! Anyways, thanks !!!!!!

  2. I think people are right, we do need to take time off once in a while. Then again, if we’re doing what we love or chasing after something that is meaningful, chances are, we won’t want to take time off and probably don’t NEED time off either! There is nothing better than doing what makes you happy, even if you’re doing it with balls to the wall intensity!

    I love downtime and I embrace it when it comes but I also enjoy the chase because I know I’m working towards something I value deeply. I don’t think we need to be chasing all the time but I don’t think we need to be relaxing all of the time either. Balance!

    PS- I think Ton of Bricks was taken ;) Haha!

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