Don’t be Such a Chickenshit

Sound familiar?

“I can’t do that because I can’t afford it.”

Or, “I’ve got bills to pay.”

And, “I need a place to live…and food to eat. Those things aren’t free!”

Oh, the excuses we make. The truth is, these aren’t the things that are holding you back.

Not really.

Making excuses is just our way of protecting ourselves from the unfamiliar. The reason your life isn’t how you want it to be has nothing to do with any of the excuses you’ve been telling yourself about why it’s not. The reason you aren’t doing what you want with your life is because you’re afraid. And as long as you have a reason why you can’t do something, there’s no need to face your fears.

You’re a chickenshit.

It’s scary to take risks. What if you fail? What will you do if you try something and it doesn’t work out?

Doing what you want, as opposed to what you’ve been told (either directly or indirectly), is difficult. It’s scary. People will think you’re crazy, and they’ll do everything they can to “bring you back to your senses.” They’ll tell you to be “practical.” Do you want to be perfectly ordinary like those people who want to bring you back to “reality?” I didn’t think so. To hell with those people! Surround yourself with people who lift you up, and who will support you and your dreams.

Whatever the excuse you’ve been using to keep yourself from living the life you desire, defeat it. Overcome the obstacles you’ve created in your life, and start plotting, planning, and scheming…always be looking for ways to accomplish your goals. The world is a beautiful and magical place, not dangerous and scary like the TV wants you to believe. Sure, bad shit happens. But I’ve noticed that when I turn the TV off, a lot of good shit happens.

Step out of your comfort zone. Get dirty. Look like a fool. Make mistakes.

A while ago I was struggling with my decision to join the Peace Corps. I was trying to rationalize why it’d be best for me to stay. What I should’ve said was, “Hey everyone! I’m afraid! Terrified, actually…” because that’s exactly what it was all about. I’ve wanted to join the Peace Corps for years, but that means my life, my happy little (read: comfortable) life, is going to be flipped upside down, and nothing will ever be the same. That’s pretty fucking scary.

But life’s not always going to be easy, and at times things are going to be scary. If I’m not able to confront those fears and destroy them, I’m going to end up mediocre…extraordinarily ordinary. That’s not what I want with my life. I wouldn’t be happy shuffling papers all day for a paycheck. That’s not who I am, and I don’t think that’s who most people are.

I believe most people, if they felt like they had the option, would chase after their dreams. But we’re locked into our lives, and feel like there’s no escape. And it doesn’t help that society does everything in its power to keep people in their place. There’s a certain protocol that we must follow. And if we don’t, all hell will break loose.

Or so we think.

If you’re looking for a way out, the key to the cage is inside of you. You’re the one who built the cage. Anything that’s holding you back is within your power to change.

Change it.

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