Into the Great Wide Open

I have a confession to make.

I waste a lot of time staring at a computer screen. Too much fucking time, to be exact. But I don’t know how to disconnect. I feel like social media has become so ingrained in our culture that deleting my accounts means removing myself from society. If I’m not on Facebook, I’ll just…disappear.

I’ll lose contact with my friends and family because they no longer exist in real life. There isn’t any reason to visit anyone anymore…just send them a message instead. Social media has done more to destroy relationships than it has to bring people together. We’re constantly connected, but we’re out of touch. A photo is a poor substitute for direct human contact.

Maybe it’s my fault…it might be. But I want something different. I need to disconnect.

Life isn’t meant to be wasted hunched over a computer. If disconnecting means losing touch with people, I guess those people don’t really matter. The people who are important are the ones who are present in your life, not the ones who you haven’t spent time with in years, and who won’t be there for you when you need them to be. Those people are just icons on a computer screen.

And so, I’m signing off from all my personal accounts.

Into the great wide open…

2 thoughts on “Into the Great Wide Open

  1. Does this mean you’ll be de-activating your Twitter & Facebook accounts? I’m still not at a point where I want to do this. I’d prefer to learn how to balance my life between the two, rather than live drastically without social media. Which, as you said, is such a huge part of today’s society. I think it can be a good thing if it’s used properly. I’m just as guilty as the next person to get lost on the internet from time to time, but I definitely think it’s something that I can work out without cutting everything out.

    • No. Everything related to Hundred Goals is still going to function as before. :) I’ve tried striking a balance, but I find that I end up sucked back into it. I need to escape.

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