STFU and Change Your Life!

I’ll get straight to the point and leave the inspiring narratives for another day. Right now it’s time for a kick in the ass…

I often encounter people who feel victimized by life.

According to them, there’s no justice. If you listen long enough, you’d think the world exists for the sole purpose of making their lives hell. Yet, they seem content to just bitch about it instead of doing anything to fix the problem.

If you’re one of these people, you can’t do nothing and expect things to change. Feeling sorry for yourself, walking away from your problems, and complaining all do nothing to improve your situation. Instead of bitching and moaning about how terrible your life is, do something about it!

If you feel like you’re not living up to your potential, figure out why. Find what’s holding you back, create a plan to overcome that roadblock in your life, follow through with that plan and move forward. If someone’s treating you like shit, stand up for yourself. Tell them to stop. If that doesn’t work, maybe you don’t need that person in your life. If you’re not earning enough money to pay the bills, find a different job and/or stop wasting your money on things you don’t need. Are you bored with your life? Do something … here’s a huge list of ideas for you!

Improving your life isn’t difficult. You just have to quit bitching and start doing. With enough hard work and determination, you can have the life you want.


4 thoughts on “STFU and Change Your Life!

  1. I think that this might be oversimplified as some people really are in positions where they have few good options. But I completely agree that people would be better served by doing all they can to improve the situation, even if it means protesting or working to change things, than only complaining. Though we all need to vent sometimes.

    • And stating that it’s an oversimplification because there are exceptions to the general message of the post is equally oversimplified. Few people reading this, and maybe even none of them, are in situations where they have no control over their lives to the point of being unable to create the lives of their dreams. What anyone reading this would lack is the will or courage to take the needed steps to improve their lives. I’m not speaking about people in abject poverty, or those with mental handicaps that limit their abilities. I’m speaking to those who have the means (by which I refer to the mental, physical and emotional strength) to do something about their situations. Aside from the few exceptions noted above, this article is not oversimplified…at least not anymore than any other blog post on the Internet. Thanks for your comment.

  2. Agreed. I can’t believe how many people express jealousy over my travels. “I wish I could do that” and “You’re so lucky” are a constant theme. So many people do the victim thing with me that I specifically try to avoid discussions about my trips with non-travelers. For most people, if you live in a first-world country, and you want to travel, you can- if you make it a priority. I give up a lot of the little things to do it, I find most people aren’t willing to do that.

    • To be honest with you, I’m exactly the same way. I used to try to share my stories about travel, but the conversations always turned into an interogation about how I could afford to do so many things and travel so often. It really does boil down to making it a priority. If you want to travel, anyone can go anywhere.

      I keep my adventures to myself in the “Real World” because I feel like so few people can actually relate to me and my life. When I tell people that I’ve jumped out of airplanes, traveled here and there (which to them seems like everywhere), or that I’m climbing the tallest mountain in the Lower 48, they cock their head and squint their eyes like they’re confused by something I said. Yes, I have a pretty exciting life. I’m sorry you don’t chose to make yours one also.

      I wish more people would grab life by the balls and do cool shit because life is just too short to waste being unhappy or not going after the things you really want. Make sacrifices and cut the superfluous BS that you don’t need and just do it.

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