Why I’m a Minimalist

Our culture of materialism is little more than corporate-sponsored slavery.

We’re caught in an endless cycle of earning money to spend money. And no matter how much we work, it’s never enough. We’re living paycheck to paycheck, are in debt and have no savings.

Yet, we’re still able to afford to buy shit we don’t need…

Embracing a minimalist lifestyle has allowed me to reject our culture of consumerism. I’m free to create the life I want for myself rather than the one being marketed to me on television. I can ignore the fleeting trends in fashion, the latest technologies and pop culture. By  ignoring our materialist culture, I’m free to chase after my dreams and live on my own terms. I can focus my attention, time and money on the things I value and that are a priority to me.

Minimalism appeals to different people in different ways. For some, it’s about style; the appearance of a room. Others find peace in the simplicity of less. For me, minimalism was the key that unlocked the door to my freedom.

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