Don’t Swim With Dolphins

One of the most common goals I see on other people’s list of life goals is to swim with dolphins. I understand why it’s such a popular goal; dolphins are amazing creatures. But swimming with them in the wild seems like a longshot for most people, so they settle for a few minutes with a captive dolphin in a swimming pool.

What we don’t understand, however, is just how evil the captive dolphin industry is. We only see happy dolphins doing tricks for our entertainment. We marvel at their intelligence but never once stop to ask ourselves why such intelligent creatures deserve to spend their life in a concrete tank, doing tricks for dead fish and our amusement?

It’s nothing more than a minstrel show.

Why is it acceptable for us to dominate every creature on this planet simply because we can? Does our intelligence give us an inalienable right to control the destiny of another sentient being? Where is our empathy for other species? How can we walk through life convinced that it’s okay to confine another living creature to a pen or a pool for our amusement? How do we justify that to ourselves?

Our intelligence also provides us with another option: to stand up for what’s right in the face of what’s popular and accepted by society at large.

Anyone who has seen a dolphin knows how intelligent they are. Researchers have suggested that they are as intelligent as humans, and have complex social structures. Why then, do we rip these beautiful animals from the oceans and put them in a concrete pen? How can we patronize businesses such as Sea World or Discovery Cove when it’s nothing more than a prison for the dolphins?

Is it greed? Is it because we want something for our own selfish desires? Is it for that photo-op moment so we can show our friends and brag about how cool we are?

I’m asking anyone who has a list of life goals that includes swimming with dolphins to remove that goal from their list unless they do it in the wild, at the will of the dolphins. Join my Facebook Cause to show your support and pledge your refusal to patronize any captive dolphin programs.

I’ve seen dolphins in the wild, and they are far more amazing in their natural habitat than confined to a concrete prison. I’ve also seen dolphins slaughtered with my own eyes in Taiji, Japan out of greed and sometimes I wonder if death isn’t the better alternative for these creatures rather than a life of captivity doing tricks for stupid humans.

It’s a minstrel show. Jump Dolphin Jump.

To learn more about dolphin captivity, please read this document.