Guitar Hero Syndrome

I love Guitar Hero.Guitar Hero by Jolecavo on Flickr

Without any question it is the best thing to have happened to the world of gaming since Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out hit the market in 1987.

I am still a beginner at Guitar Hero, so I spend most of my time playing on the Medium difficulty level, occassionally bumping it up to Hard. After a while I readjust back to Medium because Hard is just, well…hard!  So I rock out on Medium for the rest of the night, priding myself in my ability to nail almost every note on each song.  I’m a rock star!!!

What I am actually doing in priding myself in mediocrity.  Could I play at a more difficult level?  Sure, but it is a challenge and requires a lot more effort and focus on my part if I want to get any good at it.  When I try to play on hard I find that after a while it is just too much work and is no longer enjoyable.  I see my friends playing in Expert mode and I have to laugh at myself for being so average.  I’m better than some, but I’m also not as good as others.  If only I would take the time to get better and challenge myself a little bit more I too could be playing on Expert.

We do this in our lives everyday.  We pride ourselves in being mediocre.  We don’t challenge ourselves to pursue greater things.  We tell ourselves that it is too hard, or it is impossible.  We fabricate in our minds a million little reasons why we can’t do something.  Either we don’t have the time, money, knowledge, experience, ability and on and on and on…

The reality is that we can do it, we just chose not to do.  We chose not to disrupt our comfortable lives in order to chase after some “silly” dream.  Even though we feel deep down that we may be much happier if we were able to follow that dream and succeed, we never take the actions we need in order to get ourselves on the path towards success.  We play our lives on Medium.

Stop living a mediocre life.  Challenge yourself to follow your dreams.  Accomplishing goals will not always be easy, but as the saying goes, doing the right thing isn’t always easy.

Rock on!