The Book

Time keeps passing you by … the world seems to always be moving around you. This isn’t what you dreamt your life would be like. “Welcome to the Real World,” they tell you. And you surrender your dreams to a life that’s “real.”

You feel stuck, captured in a prison you’ve built for yourself. You force yourself to show up at a job you hate because you feel like you don’t have any other choice. You stay in your marriage even though you’re hopeless that the passion will ever return. “That’s normal,” they tell you. And so you stay a little longer.

If only you knew how to escape…

Hundred Goals – Inspiration to Live Your Dream is a collection of short essays that will teach you how to find your passion, take control of your life and find the motivation you need to begin living the life of your dreams. It’s the key that will unlock the door to this prison you call “life.”

Reader Review: “By far the most inspirational and motivational book I’ve ever read! Steven has taken his own advice to creating and living the life of his dreams. Reading this book will certainly get you closer to creating/living yours.”