Live a Rich Life Without a lot of Money

One of the most common questions I’m asked is:

It’s very difficult, if not impossible, financially for some people to do what you do. How do you do it?

Since I began writing Hundred Goals, I’ve tried to encourage people to live minimally, and within their means. Despite the subtle financial advice I offer, people still seem confused, and sometimes even offended, that I’m able to live the way that I do. I’ve actually been accused of being a drug dealer. For some reason, I just can’t seem to convince people that, financially, they can do exactly the same things I’m doing.

I’m not rich.

The truth is, I live on less than $20,000 a year. But despite my limited budget, I still manage to do a lot of amazing things. I’ve backpacked around Europe, learned how to surf in Hawaii, toured the White House, and watched the eruption of Eyjafjallajökull in Iceland. It’s not because I’m rich that I’m able to do these things. I’m able to do these things because I’ve taken the necessary steps to live within my financial means.

If you’re finding it financially challenging to live the life of your dreams, here’s my advice to you:

Eliminate all of your debt, and avoid incurring any new debt. If you’re always paying debts from your past, it’s impossible to live in the moment. Pay off your debts, and avoid any new debt. Live within your means.

Avoid buying shit you don’t need. Only spend money on things of value. The rest is just bullshit. Don’t waste your money.

Don’t pay attention to other people. What other people have, or where they go for vacation isn’t important. Know what you value, and stay focused on the goals that you’ve set for yourself. Don’t be distracted by other people.

You can’t have everything you want. You can have anything you want in life, but you can’t have everything. Whatever you want, you can have it. But having it will probably mean giving up something else. Sacrifice the things you don’t value so that you can have the things you do.

Make life a priority. If you want something, you can’t just expect it to happen. You have to make it happen.  Don’t sit around thinking about all of the things you want to do with your life. Do them! Stop thinking, and start doing.

It’s really that simple…but also easier said than done.

It takes a lot of dedication and determination to get out of debt. It’s a battle that must be fought EVERY.DAMN.DAY. And it isn’t easy to ignore what other people have, or what they’re doing. But instead of feeling jealous of them, be happy for them. Focus on your goals, and your dreams. Stop thinking about the life you’ll have someday, and start living the life you want today!

And stop buying stupid shit you don’t need. Seriously. Stop.

6 thoughts on “Live a Rich Life Without a lot of Money

  1. The “don’t pay attention to other people” is my favorite on your list. It’s so true and I catch myself doing this ALL the time. Must stop & just be happy with what I’M doing. Great post!

    • It’s not always easy, but necessary. The happier you can be for others, the less pressure you’ll feel to compete, and the better off you’ll be.

  2. This post is a perfect one for me. I used to live very much within my means, until I met my boyfriend who doesn’t have the best financial past, some of it not being his fault. However, he kept asking me to do things that I ordinarily wouldn’t have done, but to make him happy, I did. I’ve realized that what I really want to do is travel & see other cultures. I’ve wanted to do his for a while, but never had the money. I’ve decided that I’m going to live the life that I want one way or another. I’m 31 & I’ve always been living for someone else or just getting through the day, but not enjoying it. Thank you for waking me up!

    • You can’t even begin to know how happy this makes me! This is exactly the reason I write my blog: to inspire others to take action in their own lives. Awesome!

  3. I love your point that you can have anything you want, but not everything. You have to prioritize what is most important and stop spending money on all of the useless crap everyone thinks they “need”! You don’t need the newest phone, a new outfit every paycheck, or to eat at 5-star restaurants on the weekends. Thanks for the reminders!

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