One Hundred Ways to Change Your Life

Make big plans.  Take big risks.  Question the status quo.  Understand that safety is an illusion.  Push beyond what you think you’re capable of.  Work hard.  Persevere.    Move with a sense of urgency.  Be purposeful in your actions.  Connect with people who can help you.  Build a support network.  Never give up.  Sacrifice.  Ignore trivial bullshit.  Ignore drama.  Learn to say no.  Say yes more often.  Put yourself in uncomfortable situations.  Challenge yourself.  Don’t be afraid to fail.  Persist.  Breathe.  Be grateful for life and everything you have.  Don’t worry about what’s missing.  Appreciate what is.

If you hate something, change it.  If it’s broken, fix it.  If it’s unnecessary, get rid of it.  Find what’s holding you back and remove it from your life.  Find opportunities to make your life meaningful.  Volunteer.  Donate blood.  Reach out to a friend and repair wounded relationships.  Forgive someone.  Give money to the homeless without concern of them using it to buy booze.  Hug someone.  Smile at a stranger.  Hold open the door for a pretty girl.  Tell your son that you love him, even if he wrinkles his nose at you.

Take a class for the sake of learning.  Struggle through a challenging book.  Learn something new each day.  Teach someone how to do something.  Buy lunch for the next person in line.  Tell them to Pay it Forward.  Take off your shoes and walk through the grass.  Smell the air.  Watch a squirrel collect nuts.  Fly a kite.  Take a walk.  Spend a few moments listening to nothing.  Turn off your cell phone.  Buy a plane ticket to a place you’ve never heard of.  Love.  Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today.

Bake cookies.  Take a bubble bath in the dark.  Relax.  Enjoy the moment.  Lose track of time.  Forget about tomorrow.  Stop living in the past.  Accept things as they are.  Give up control.  Commit to something.  Back out of something else.  Make a promise.  Tell someone a secret but don’t expect them to keep it.  Share a painful story with someone you love.  Don’t tell lies.  Always be honest.  Live life by your own standards of success.  Follow your morals.  Do what you think is right.  Laugh.

Dress sexy for your man.  Be her knight in shining armor.  Light candles.  Cook a meal together.  Snuggle.  Watch a lame 80’s movie.  Kiss passionately.  Write love letters to each other.  Remind yourself why you fell in love in the first place.  Tickle each other’s feet.  Give her a massage.

Get healthy.  Try yoga.  Sign up to participate in a 5k.  Participate!  Stop drinking soda.  Become a Vegan.  Do a hundred push-ups.  Exercise for half an hour each day.  Dance.  Listen to the birds chirping.  Feel the warmth of the sun on your face.  Pet a stranger’s dog.  Live!

The possibilities of your life are limited by your own imagination.  Dream big, achieve big.  Think small and flounder in mediocrity.

5 thoughts on “One Hundred Ways to Change Your Life

  1. Although… nothing wrong with a little thinking small occasionally. Sometimes it is the smallest of things that make life brilliant e.g. like you’re baking cookies or taking a bubble bath ideas etc. I understand the sentiment though but I always try to not let the big things cloud out the smaller things which can be equal contributors to happiness, at least in the short term…

    • It’s the small things in life that make it worth living. Those are the moments we need to learn to appreciate more rather than feeling like happiness is just around the corner with the next big accomplishment. If we could find the same joy in baking cookies as we do flying to Brazil, think how great life would be. :)

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